Food Science and Technology Exam Prep: Multiple Choice Questions Made Easy

1st Edition (2023)

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What people say about this Book!
  • “Excellent compilation of MCQs! The book covers a wide range of topics and provides comprehensive preparation for food science and technology exams. As a quality expert in the industry, I highly recommend this book to students and professionals alike. Well done!”

    Mr. M. Faizan Khan

    Quality Expert, Almarai Group, Saudi Arabia
  • “I am thoroughly impressed with this book! As a food technologist, I find the content to be well-researched and highly relevant to the field. The MCQs are thoughtfully designed to test knowledge and critical thinking skills.”

    Ms. Firdous Elahi

    Food Technologist, Pakistan
  • “Great initiative! Suggestion: Add more engineering-related MCQs and separate sections for different topics like Nutrition and Beverage. Also, consider including English MCQs as they are crucial for exams like NTS and PPSC. Appreciate your efforts.”

    Mr. M. Usman

    Lecturer, MNSUAM, Pakistan
  • “The 'Food Science and Technology Exam Prep' book is a must-have for aspiring professionals. It offers comprehensive multiple-choice questions that enhance knowledge and understanding of the subject. Highly recommended for success in the field.”

    Ms. Qazal Ahmad

    Food Technologist, London, UK

Muhammad Tahir Habib Chaudhary

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Muhammad Tahir Habib Chaudhary has been doing blogging from last 10 years and have written and published over eight million words during his blogging career.

As-Salamu-Alaikum Brothers and Sisters!,
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We all know that in Pakistan, Food Technology as a discipline was first established in 1959 at Punjab Agricultural College and Research Institute Lyallpur. The college then became a university and the discipline was given the status of a department in 1961.

If you’re tired of searching and collecting the relevant information and queries to prepare for your exam then this special edition is for you!

I am counting your time and have assembled the best data for your assistance for more better preparation.

This book will aid food technologists and will prepare them for Exams, Admission, and jobs tests as well.

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